Isuzu celebrates six decades of commercial truck excellence

Isuzu Trucks SA recently celebrated 60 years of industry excellence and a heritage of durability and performance.

Isuzu is proud to reflect on six decades of excellence in the commercial truck industry, a journey that began in 1964 and continues to thrive today. Renowned for its durability and performance, Isuzu has become a trusted name for many fleet operators.

A legacy of quality and performance

“Since our inception, Isuzu Trucks has been synonymous with quality and performance,” says Isuzu. “We entered the South African market in 1964 with the iconic Isuzu Elfin TKG 10 petrol-engine one-and-a-half-tonne truck, marking the beginning of a legacy that has shaped the transportation industry for decades.”

Market leadership and reliability

Isuzu’s trucks have secured the top spot in the cab-over-chassis market in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle segments for 11 consecutive years, a testament to their unwavering reliability and durability.

Innovation and sustainability

In pursuit of carbon-neutral vehicles, Isuzu offers Euro 5 models and diesel dual-fuel options across 20 truck models. The range also includes the NPR 400 Compressed Natural Gas model, demonstrating Isuzu’s commitment to innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.

Isuzu extends its gratitude to all customers, partners and employees for their unwavering support and trust over the past 60 years.

Source: QuickPic


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