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Making Maths fun on Mandela Day

HIGHLANDS NORTH - This Mandela Day, Highlands North community members took them time to teach maths at a local school.

Chairperson of Community Assisting Schools Ros O’Connor and Palanga Publishing managing director Paul Sondergaard donated a unique maths workshops to HA Jack Primary School in Highlands North.

“If one realised that maths is a language and if you fully understand the terminology of maths, then you would succeed in maths,” said Sondergaard.

Sondergaard, who is also the co-author of My Maths Buddy, came up with a concept 18 months ago of creating a unique maths dictionary which defined all maths terminology that a learner needed to know from Grades 3 to 12.

“It is written in simple language so a child or layman can understand,” said Sondergaard.

O’Connor and her team helped raise funds from the community to purchase 82 of My Maths Buddy dictionaries for all the maths teachers and all the Grade 7s and Sondergaard donated his time to do workshops for the maths teachers and Grade 7 learners.

In his workshops he reminded the maths teachers what an important role they played in the society especially in primary school. A key message was that maths was about life and everywhere you look, you will always find a maths formula of some kind.

Maths must not only be taught in a classroom and must not just be about passing a test, but must also include applying maths concepts to life around you.

The principal and teachers were grateful for the donation which empowered their staff and learners on how to use this valuable maths resource.

Details: www.communityassistingschools.co.za or www.mymathsbuddy.co.za

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