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Dumped infants find new hope at home

DOORNFONTEIN - Ethembeni Children's Home, which is a baby sanctuary of The Salvation Army, welcomed and celebrated the arrival of its 1 000th baby nicknamed Baby Promise.

Newly born infants, some who have been abandoned among the filth of dumping sites, have found new hope at the Salvation Army’s children’s home

Since 1995, the Ethembeni Children’s Home has been taking abandoned infants into its sanctuary and giving them new hope at the home aptly named Ethembeni, which is IsiZulu for place of hope.

Ethembeni, situated in Doornfontein celebrated the arrival of its 1 000th baby nicknamed Baby Promise. The baby was born on 1 June and was handed to the home on 12 June by the police after she had been abandoned by her mother.

Administrator of the home Captain Heather Rossouw described Baby Promise as “a bubbly and beautiful baby with a peaceful and carefree nature who smiles a lot”.

The home accommodates up to 60 children who eventually are found foster parents. Rossouw said some of the children were re-united with their biological parents and families.

Major Carin Holmes of the Salvation Army said parents experiencing economic hardships were assisted with baby care products when they were re-united with their children.

“The Salvation Army is immensely grateful to its donors, partners, volunteers and ordinary people who support us to make our mission possible,” Holmes said.


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