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Learners get extra lessons on Saturdays

ALEXANDRA - A dedicated team of volunteers run Saturday classes for pupils of Carter and Gordon primary schools.

The importance of education is greatly recognised especially by a group of individuals giving Saturday classes to learners at Carter and Gordon Primary Schools.

The classes are given by a group of professionals and students. The volunteers are passionate about education and uplifting the community.

The lessons started at Gordon Primary School early last year and by the beginning of this year they also started at Carter Primary School. There are only a few teachers and more of them would be appreciated to give these much needed lessons. The number of pupils attending keeps increasing and more were still being encouraged to join.

“I am passionate about education and making a difference in one child’s life is enough for me,” said Dheshini Adari. Adari, who is one of the teaching team in the Saturday school programme, said they worked hard and that everyone involved dedicated their time to this initiative.

“We teach maths and English especially because other pupils are slower, and this become a way of playing catch up for them,” Adari said. They follow the syllabus but modify it to the pupils’ needs as sometimes the foundation phase doesn’t meet the pupils’ basic needs.

One of the tutors, Uncle Jay said they believed in helping and working with people and this was one way that they could help the community.The Saturday lessons are good because tutors try to give pupils one-on-one attention. They would like to keep the classes small which is why more teachers are encouraged to get involved. The tutors get training for maths lessons also on Saturdays.

Details: Uncle Jay 082-853-2532.

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