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Mugabe’s rant on “idiot” Madiba fictional

JOBURG - American satirical news blog Daily Currant has caused a stir by publishing a fictional report of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe calling the legendary Nelson Mandela a coward and idiot.

The story quoted Mugabe saying he should be hailed as an African hero instead of Mandela. “My huge victory in these elections prove I am the greatest leader in the history of Africa.

“I have spent my whole life fighting for the Zimbabwean people and they continue to elect me. I am the greatest African who has ever lived. The world should love me more than the idiot Nelson Mandela…

“As I waged war against colonialism, that coward sat on his ass in prison for 27 years… I have been leader for 33 years. Mandela was president for five years. What kind of idiot gives up political power? Great leaders like me know how to stay in power.

“While Mandela sits comfortably in a hospital, I stand before you fit and healthy, ready to lead this country and the Zimbabwean people for at least another 25 years,”

“…He should have thrown all of the whites and homosexuals out of his country like I did. South Africa would be so much better off.”

Several news wires on the African continent initially appeared to have fallen for the fiction, despite a notice on the Daily Currant website warning that its articles were fictional.

Social media networks users also joined the fray and blasted Mugabe for insulting the man hailed as one of the world’s greatest leaders of all times.

Zimbabwean ruling party Zanu PF moved quickly to rubbish “these dishonest reports that have caused distress to the Mandela family as well as South Africans in general”.

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