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Emergency services plays vital role

ALEXANDRA - EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVICES delivers vital safety message to the community which will impact a lot of lives.

Emergency Management Services have always had ongoing educational programmes on safety. With Operation Hloekisa taking place, this was just another opportunity to remind the community of the importance of keeping safe.

The emergency services, which includes the fire department and ambulance, is also playing its role in community upliftment. Edwin Mashile, station commander at the emergency services, said they would like to deliver a safety message which would have an impact on the community.

“Cleanliness is part of the education,” said Mashile. Emphasis was also made on the causes of fire. Keeping yards and streets clean also ensured that they didn’t become a playground for rodents, dogs and goats.

Mashile said they were happy that the number of emergency calls had reduced significantly, due to the programmes. A big challenge still faced by the emergency services, however, was the problem of addresses when, for instance, a shack had to be located.

There were still some illegal electrical connections which were dangerous, especially for children playing outside. Other dangers include scrap materials, which residents are encouraged to get rid of. The emergency services do outreach programmes, door-to-door educating, and sometimes educate people through big gatherings.

Through their programmes, the emergency services also teaches the community about candle safety and poisoning, especially for paraffin. In cases of emergency, the emergency services can be contacted on 10177 from a landline and 112 from a cellphone.

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