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Beauty pageant still on

ALEXANDRA - Pupils from Alexandra high school are being rehearsed in readiness for the 7 September beauty pageant.

The beauty pageant for Alexandra’s high schools scheduled for 7 September is still on.

Organiser Marks Mashudu Bernards, CEO of Alexandra’s Black Rose Academy confirmed that the event was still on as scheduled for the Eastbank Hall, starting at 10am until 6pm.

Bernards said the show would unveil Mr & Miss Heritage Alexandra, which would be open for all the high schools in the area and contestants were supposed to register before the end of July.

Selected pupils from auditions will then represent their various schools in the competition, from which the Mr & Miss Heritage Alexandra will be chosen from the finalists.

Bernards also urged budding designers to register with the agency to take part in the event, which would include a fashion show segment on the day and would afford the designers an opportunity to showcase and freely advertise their brands.

The show will also host a Dance and Music Festival Collaboration, and dancers and musicians can also register with the agency. Bernards believes the event will help boost the morale of young people and give them confidence and encouragement to face life head-on.

“We are doing our utmost best to create social programmes for young people so that we reduce the levels of crime and drug abuse,” he said.

Details: whatsapp or 079-802-1131 or blackroseacademy48@gmail.com or markspappy80@gmail.com

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