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Family gets donations

ALEXANDRA - Bontle Mothiba's family gets food, blankets and beds from the community, but they still need a lot of help.

Days after the passing of their beloved nine-year-old daughter Caroline Bontle Mothiba who died in a shack fire, the family still faces some challenges.

With the fire destroying everything they had, the Mothibas have been receiving help from the community. Emergency Management Services has donated blankets to the family. Ihlokomeleng Old Age Home donated two beds, paint and blankets.

Rays of Hope and Roma Church donated blankets, clothes and food. The family still needs help fixing the roof and are asking the community to help with planks.

“The house also has no doors and we feel unsafe. We asked the police to guard us but they told us to sleep at the police station,” the deceased girl’s aunt Esther Mothiba said. She added that they could not sleep at the police station as it was very cold.

“We would also like Pikitup to remove the burnt rubbish before our neighbours start complaining about it attracting rodents,” she said. With the funeral coming up, the Mothibas still need pots, dish washers and cutlery.

The Department of Social Development has also promised to donate school books and a uniform for the deceased’s 15-year-old brother Thapelo. Three-year-old brother, Jan was still traumatised by the incident. He stays at a neighbour’s house and has not received counselling.

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