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Man collapses and dies at police station

BRAMLEY - Family members of the man who collapsed and died at the Bramley police station have come forward and identified him.

A man who collapsed and died at Bramley Police Station has been positively identified by family members.

The family who reside in Alexandra, identified the 52-year-old pensioner as Pule Ramalepe and they were not certain what he was doing at the police station at the time of his death. A postmoterm revealed that he died of a heart attack

The deceased’s brother, Richard Ramalepe said his brother was mentally challenged and suspected he wanted to open a case at the station.

“He (Pule) first went to Wynberg Police Station then went to Bramley,” he said.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela said at the time of the incident the deceased was wearing blue jeans, maroon scotch shirt and blue running shoes. He collapsed in front of the client services department at 6.45am.

Maphakela said an ambulance was called, but the man was certified dead. Police officers searched him for any items that could lead to his identification, but nothing was found.

Fingerprints of the deceased were taken and police appealed to anyone who could identify him. According to Maphakela the family told him that they were shocked to see the story about their relative in the media.

The family thanked the media for their efforts in helping them find him. This followed police and media efforts in trying to piece together the names and relatives of the deceased.

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