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Stolen cables stop business

ALEXANDRA - A group of over 50 people steals electrical cables, making life difficult for residents and business in the area.

Cable thieves in Alexandra are making life difficult for residents and companies in the area.

The Alexandra ICT Centre was rendered non-operational for more than a week due to cable theft. An employee of the centre who did not want to be named, said he knew who the criminals were. “I tried to speak to them but found myself running for my life as they wanted to beat me up,” the man said.

The thieves operate between 12am and 5am.

Site manager of the centre Raphael Kamanga said they expected to be without electricity for two and a half weeks and this would be affecting business. “The network is down therefore the whole ICT infrastructure’s lifeline is not operational. We cannot do anything at the moment,” said Kamanga. He said they were waiting for Eskom to fix the problem.

Eskom’s spokesperson Puleng Lemao said they had put more security measures in place and no incidents had been reported since then.

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