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Germany ambassador unveils plaque at Kew charity

KEW - Germany ambassador Dr Horst Freitag provides funding to the Ububele Trust to upgrades its offices to meet the growing demands for its charitable services.

The German ambassador to South Africa, Dr Horst Freitag unveiled a plaque at the Ububele Trust in Kew following a substantial donation to the charity.

Ububele is a charity institution which has been in operation for more than 10 years and trains psychologists that work with the community of Alexandra through the Alex Clinic. The trust also runs a crèche for orphaned children and those affected and infected with HIV/Aids from Alexandra and its surrounds.

It was founded by husband and wife, Tony and Hillary Hamburger, on the business premises of Tony’s father’s engineering firm. When Tony’s father died some years ago and the business moved elsewhere, the couple did not know what to do with the building, and one day it dawned on them to turn it into a charitable trust to take care of the less fortunate children from nearby Alexandra.

Freitag said he was pleased to have been of help to the trust through a donation from the German federal government. “An investment in this institution is an investment in the future of South African children. If we want to rebuild South Africa from the ravages of apartheid, then we must put our money where our mouth is, in these children. This will create the much needed social cohesion for a young democracy,” Freitag said.

He described South Africa as the locomotive that should pull Africa from the ravages of colonialism and set it on a new path of prosperity for all its inhabitants. “The work being done at Ububele in a small way forms part of building a new South Africa and continent from its fragmented past,” he said.

Caption: Ububele Trust co-founder Hillary Hamburger (seated) explains to a visitor at the centre, Marion Hassall how they use dolls in a therapy session with the children, some of whom are from abusive backgrounds.


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