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Hope for bedridden Alex woman

ALEXANDRA - A woman who's been bed ridden for more than 10 years with swelling legs has been thrown a lifeline by Sunninghill Hospital.

There is hope for an Alexandra woman that has been bedridden for more than 10 years with swollen legs.

Ester Nsthalintshali was taken in for assessment at the Sunninghill Hospital in Fourways to determine the cost of an operation that could change her life and enable her to walk again. This was organised by Alexandra’s well-known philanthropist and community builder, Linda Twala.

Twala, who runs the Phuthaditjaba Centre in 17th Avenue said he believed in helping other people in need. “This is an act that I inherited from my late mother who would sacrifice anything for a stranger,” Twala said.

As soon as the results of the assessment are released, Twala said funds would be raised for an operation for Ntshalintshali. “Netcare has helped a lot of people in raising funds for a number of medical procedures and the same will be done for Ntshalintshali,” he said.

Ntshalintshali said in an earlier interview with Alex News that her legs suddenly started to swell one day. “I just realised one morning that my legs were not the same anymore, and I kept thinking it was just an irritation and it would subside at some point.

“When I realised it wasn’t, I went to hospital but I could not be helped as doctors said they did not know what it was and what caused the swellings. They ultimately suggested that it could be the bad food that we eat which was causing the swellings,” she said.

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