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The health of children’s gut is more important than ever

The topic is mostly around the importance of what is called gut microbiome which is developed in early life.

Given the renewed emphasis on healthy eating and supporting immune systems, many parents may be setting goals of preparing healthier family meals and nutritious school lunches.
While most of us know that well-balanced, consistent nutrition is very important for growth and development from birth and into adulthood, how many of us are aware about the importance of gut health, especially in our children?

According to certified dietician and nutritionist, Dr Felicia Stoler, the gut microbiome, which are the trillions of bacteria that live inside our gut, is established in the early years of life. The doctor says that supporting your child’s gut microbiome to thrive while they are growing is very important.

“When you boost your child’s gut health by supporting the microbiome, you’re setting him or her up for a lifetime of wellness – plus fewer colds, less severe stomach bugs, and many more benefits as science shows how a healthy microbiome is crucial to overall wellness,” Stoler explained.

In an article by Only About Children, a preschool centre, it is believed that before the age of four or five, children’s microbiome remains flexible, making this an ideal time to build a strong and healthy gut. After this age, the microbiome becomes well-established and more difficult to change.

The article further states that a poorly functioning gut can have a negative impact on children’s health with some symptoms including uncomfortable digestion, stomach aches, poor nutrient absorption, poor immunity and sleep, mood fluctuations and general fatigue.

“Scientifically it has been established that a healthy microbiome is crucial to overall wellness. When you improve your children’s gut health by supporting the microbiome, you are helping them to lead a healthier life, with potentially fewer colds and less severe stomach bugs alongside other health benefits.”


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