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Amantombazane Jazz Revival sweeps jazz lovers at Farmers Market Yethu

More than 400 jazz enthusiasts enjoyed themselves at the Alexandra Music and Trucks of Amantombazane Jazz Revival event in Alexandra.

A talented array of jazz musicians with their soulful melodies captivated the audience that attended the Amantombazane Jazz Revival on April 20 at the Farmers Market Yethu.

Performers from diverse backgrounds showcased their love for jazz, a genre deeply embedded in the South African historical fabric, particularly in the heart of Alexandra township.

The line-up included both local artists and notable names in the jazz scene with each adding their unique twist to the genre. The air was filled with the smooth sounds of saxophones, trumpets, and rhythmic bass that had attendees swaying and tapping their feet.

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An attendee from Alex Madimetsa Maribe said, “The energy here is infectious, this is more than just a concert, it is a celebration of our community, history and future. It’s events like this that remind us of what makes Alex so special.”

For many in the community, the Amantombazane Jazz Revival was more than just a music event but a powerful symbol of cultural identity and pride.

Another community member Gladys Mthiyane said, “Our community was once a melting pot of cultures and traditions and jazz was a big part of that. I am proud to see young musicians carrying on that legacy and bringing jazz back to the forefront of our community.”

Food stalls serving traditional food added to the savoury experience with delicious food aromas intertwining with the auditory feast of jazz. As the night drew to a close, the crowd left with a renewed sense of hope and excitement about the future of jazz in their community.

The event organiser Refilwe ‘Fifi’ Pieterse who is the founder of the Refilwe Pieterse Foundation was thrilled with the turnout of the event.

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“I am excited by the turnout of the event, seeing more than 400 people coming together to celebrate the mother of all townships ‘Alexandra Music and Trucks of Amantombazane Jazz Revival’ which was a beautiful success and a memorable celebration of the township jazz culture.

“The happiness was written in people’s faces and the mood was very high. We had jazz lovers from different areas in Gauteng and beyond with a lot of young and old dancers on the floor and I was very humbled with how people respected the theme,” Pieterse said.

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