Taygon gets a car seat for kids

Taygon a 2-year-old girl only weighing 8 kg and has cerebral palsy got a brand new car seat for her travels to the doctors and specialists.

As part of The Car Seats for Kids campaign, Wheel Well donated a car seat to Taygon and her family to safely travel in a motor vehicle. According to RTMC, while the overall death toll on our roads has decreased, fatalities in children are on the increase.

In 2017, the total number of road deaths were 14 050 of which 3 864 were children, in 2018 the total road deaths decreased to 12 921 of which 3 902 were children, 38 more children than in 2017. Wheel Well is redoubling their efforts to increase child safety on the roads of South Africa.

As part of Child Protection week, the Cartrack team in Eldorado Park purchased 19 new car seats which were donated to families who needed them. This was part of an event organised by community activists to focus on road safety for children. Participants of the event took to the streets in a walk to honour and remember children that have passed away.


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