Sayza’s message of empowerment ignites fire for EFF rallygoers

The soul-stirring sounds of amapiano filled the Alexandra Stadium as the township's Kgotlello Machoga took the stage during the EFF rally, captivating the audience with his tracks, Woza and Halala.

The up-and-coming amapiano artist Kgotlello Machoga, famously known as ‘Sayza’ in the music industry, delivered a memorable performance that not only energised the crowd but also resonated deeply with the EFF’s message of empowerment and upliftment at the Alexandra Stadium on April 27.

As Machoga danced and sang with unwavering energy, the crowd joined in swaying to the captivating beat of Woza. The song’s message which urges listeners to keep pushing forward despite the challenges, struck a chord with the rally attendees, some of whom were energised by its empowering message.

“Woza is a powerful anthem that calls for resilience in the face of adversity. I want to encourage people to work hard and have hope in times of difficulties because nothing comes easy in life but they should never stop hustling,” said Machoga.

As Machogo transitioned into Halala, a celebratory song that praises hard work and perseverance, the atmosphere at the stadium reached a fever pitch prompting the audience to sing and dance with him.

“Seeing the crowd singing their lungs out and dancing along with me excites me and at the same time, I was amazed because I just thought I was an ordinary artist and nobody knows my songs.

“I was more than happy to see that people love my music and they relate to the songs. It is my wish to continue to bless my people with good music,” Machoga said.

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