Edenvale police give empowering tips to locals

"Save emergency contact information on your phone but also keep a paper copy safe and accessible."

As load-shedding continues, Edenvale SAPS shared advice with the community with the hopes of keeping residents secure.

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The corporate communications officer for the station Warrant Officer Jacob Mashile said during load-shedding, the community needs to be vigilant. “Our safety belongs to us,” he said.

Tips that he provided included:

• Ensure that alarm systems are in working condition and the backup battery is fully functional.

• Keep a torch or headlamp in your car if you arrive home at night during a power outage.

“Most smartphones have a built-in torch that comes in handy during unexpected power outages,” said Mashile.

• Save emergency contact information on your phone but also keep a paper copy safe and accessible.

Mashile said the information should include contact details for the fire department, police and/or medical services.

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“Also include contact information of family and friends along with insurance information.”

• Keep your digital devices charged.

“It’s also a good idea to have a power bank, as this will come in handy during extended power outages.”

• Back up your data in case of a hard-drive failure or unforeseen electrical fault.

“Cloud-based backups are very convenient and mostly automated, which means you have one less thing to worry about.”

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• Install surge protectors.

“Installing a surge protection device can help minimise some damage in unforeseen situations.

“Have a surge protection device fitted to your electrical distribution board or at the power outlet to the electronic device,” said Mashile.



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