Lamdel demands better communication on power issues

"We are already affected by load shedding and now we also have to survive power outages that last for days end."

Lamdel Residents Association is demanding answers from the City of Ekurhuleni about the lack of power supply.

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Lamdel chairperson Jakkies Janse van Vuuren said the power issues are getting out of control.

“Residents are losing hope. We are already affected by load-shedding and now we also have to survive power outages that last four days,” said Janse van Vuuren.

The association has been sending emails to the CoE demanding answers about Ward 39 and 35, particularly the suburbs of Parkhill Gardens, Webber, Delville and Germiston South that have been suffering from power outages.

“This causes significant inconvenience and distress among the residents and businesses in the affected areas.

“We can’t even plan for the power outages because there is never any communication. It just happens and we need to find ways to survive it,” said Janse van Vuuren.

She said the area has suffered from cable thefts, low voltage, lack of parts for repairs and poor restoration timelines.

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“It is deeply concerning that our community is being held hostage by the council’s failure to address such critical issues.

“We fulfil our obligations by paying rates and taxes, expecting reliable services in return,” said Janse van Vuuren.

The association has submitted two petitions addressing the poor service from the energy depot and the vandalism of infrastructure.

“We have not received anything replies from CoE. We need to know the whereabouts and actions of the HOD of energy, MMC of energy, and the Germiston Area Manager regarding these issues.

“Timely communication is of utmost importance to keep the community informed and to foster trust in the efforts being made to rectify these issues,” said Janse van Vuuren.

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Lamdel petitions included the below requests:

• Clarification on the estimated restoration time for the area outage and the reasons behind delays.

• Confirmation of the steps being taken to address the outage and an explanation for the lack of visible progress at the site.

• Assurance that efforts are being made to prioritize the restoration of power and minimize the disruption to the community.

PR Clr Graham Gersbach also expressed concern and called for action and meaningful investigations to address the power outages in the mentioned areas.

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Germiston City News sent a request for comment to CoE on June 14, requesting comment by June 19.

At the time of going to print no comment had been received.

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