Local water supply interrupted by power outages

On June 30th Guerreiro told GCN that within the ward, 40 outages remained unsolved.

Residents are still struggling with water supply as a result of the recent widespread power outage.

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On June 20 at noon, the outage struck portions of Germiston, impacting service delivery, traffic flow, and water supply in wards 92 and 36 among other wards.

A city official helping a resident get their water at the Howe Circle in Sunnyridge.

The entire week, ward councillors Kade Guerreiro and Wendy Morgan kept the community informed on the status of the work.

Guerreiro apportioned some of the blame for the water outage to the City of Ekurhuleni for failing to provide fuel to start the generators at the Windsor pump station.

He said that elderly and disabled individuals alike received assistance in obtaining water.

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“Despite the fact that power was restored to most parts of Germiston on Saturday, there ae some areas of the ward that are still without power.

“The energy department examined mini substations on Sunday to determine what was causing power outages in other locations,” said Guerreiro.

On June 30, Guerreiro told GCN that within the ward, 40 plus outages remained unsolved.

Residents taking water at the Howe Circle in Sunnyridge.

“We still do not have power in the remaining affected areas, and the CoE has not provided an explanation.

“The city offers a 48-hour turnaround but we are going 16 to 17 days without power in other areas. No one is assisting, residents are growing increasingly irate,” said Guerreiro.

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According to the City of Ekurhuleni, water tankers were sent to help with the water outage that was affecting some areas of Germiston due to the power failure that affected the pump stations nearby.

More residents were seen taking water from the water tanker stationed at the Howe Circle.

“The power failure has resulted in a total stoppage of pumping of water at Windsor and Churchill Pump Station.

The city dispatched water tankers to the various areas affected by the situation,” said CoE spokesperson Zweli Dlamini.

“These areas include include Dawnview, Primrose East, Sunnyrock and Sunnyridge to name a few,” said Dlamini.

GCN sent a request for updated comment to the City of Ekurhuleni media team on June 30.

At the time of going to print, no comment had been received.


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