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General Elections 2024: Tips for a smooth voting experience

These guidelines serve as a valuable resource for individuals participating in the democratic process, promoting informed and responsible voting practices.

This week sees South Africans take to the polls as we cast our votes in the 2024 General Elections.

Here are five essential tips that individuals should be aware of to ensure a smooth and successful voting experience.

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These guidelines aim to streamline the voting process and help voters navigate the electoral procedures effectively.

1. Confirm your voting station
Confirm the correct voting station of where you are registered to vote.
Ensuring that you know your designated polling station will prevent any confusion on election day and enable you to cast your vote efficiently.

2. Valid identification required
Have your valid identification document when casting your vote.
Accepted forms of ID include a smart card, ID book, or temporary ID.

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3. Verify ballot papers
Voters are advised to carefully check and ensure that they receive three ballot papers unless they are voting from another province and have applied to vote at a different station, in which they will receive only one ballot for the national vote.
All ballot papers must be stamped at the back with the official IEC stamp to be considered valid.

4. Mark your ballots correctly
When marking the ballot papers, place an X next to the party you wish to vote for.
This simple yet crucial step ensures that your vote is accurately counted and attributed to your chosen political party.

5. Secure ballot placement
Voters are reminded to follow the instructions of the ballot box controller and ensure that their marked ballots are placed in the correct ballot box to maintain the integrity of the voting process.

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