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School searches yield positive results

Police confiscated various items from school bags and also addressed learners about dangerous behaviour.

Two local primary schools were searched during unannounced visits by law enforcement authorities last week.

The searches were carried out by Brakpan SAPS officials, an education department coordinator, EMPD members, social crime coordinator, communications officer, FCS (Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences), youth crime prevention desk, community safety brigades, patrollers and CPF members.

Capt Pearl van Staad, a spokesperson for the Brakpan SAPS, told the Herald learners in Grades Five to Seven were searched.

“The learners were advised to voluntarily hand in any dangerous items, illegal substances and anything else that doesn’t belong to them,” she said.

Forks, vapour oils, pocket knives, an empty bottle of benzene, tazers and an aircon remote from a school staffroom were among some of the items confiscated from school bags.

“Those particular learners were addressed on the items confiscated,” said van Staad.

“One learner also reported sexual assault that took place when she was in Grade Four. A docket was registered by FCS and an investigation is in progress.”


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Van Staad added learners were also addressed about bullying and stealing.

“Learners were advised to stay away from such criminal activities and not to talk to strangers without the presence of their guardians,” she said.

“Teachers were pleased and appreciated the visit.”


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