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Eastern Highveld Beekeepers Association holds annual Bee and Honey Show

The EHBA Bee and Honey Show showcased the products of beekeeping and educated the public on the importance of ethical and professional bee removal and the benefits of supporting local honey producers.

The Eastern Highveld Beekeepers Association (EHBA) held its annual Bee and Honey Show on May 4 and 5 at Heckers Garden Centre.

The event aimed to generate more support for locally sourced raw honey and create awareness among residents about beekeeping products.

Pete Beart, the EHBA chairperson.

A key focus was educating the public on hiring professional bee removal services rather than trying to remove the bees themselves.

Len Boucher, an association committee member, explained why this is crucial.

“First, it is for the people and animals’ safety from where they will remove bees. It must be done ethically and professionally,” said Boucher.

“Attempting to remove bees without proper training and equipment can be extremely dangerous, with some people even requiring hospitalisation due to stings.”

Boucher stressed that wearing the proper protective equipment is essential when dealing with bees and that not just anyone can safely remove them.

Mariette and Karl Dimitrijevic.

“Protection equipment is not an option because you can be killed by not wearing the proper equipment.

“One thing people should know is not everyone who can put on a suit can save bees. You require a specialist for that. A professional bee specialist will have the necessary tools and equipment,” Boucher added.

He also said some beekeepers provide emergency services to first responders injured while trying (do it yourself) DIY bee removal.

Mike Alter.

In addition to professional bee removal, the show also aimed to encourage residents to support local beekeepers and avoid fake honey.

Boucher said this is crucial to assist large and small local beekeepers and promote using genuine SA raw honey.

“This is to assist local beekeepers, large and small, and promote the use of real SA raw honey by introducing local consumers to local beekeepers,” said Boucher.

For more information, call Pete Beart on 063 689 3700.

EHBA committee members Elna van Rensburg, Pete Beart, Mike Alter, and Len Boucher.

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