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SPCA warns of rise in suspected parvovirus cases

The society is appealing to pet owners to ensure their puppies are vaccinated.

The Brakpan SPCA is currently experiencing an unusually high volume of requests for assistance via its emergency contact line concerning sick puppies aged between eight weeks and a year old.

Symptoms reported include a lack of appetite for three consecutive days, refusal to drink water, excessive lethargy, vomiting, and bloody diarrhoea.

These symptoms are indicative of canine parvovirus, also known as cat flu or katgriep. The society strongly urges pet owners to ensure their puppies receive their complete set of vaccinations.

This measure is not only crucial for the well-being of the animal but also plays a vital role in preventing the spread of this contagious virus.

The Brakpan SPCA does not employ an on-site veterinarian and relies on private veterinary facilities.

As a result, the society is unable to provide veterinary care, and pet owners are implored to promptly seek veterinary assistance by taking their ailing animals directly to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The contact details for vets in Brakpan and neighbouring areas are:

• Sherwood Gardens Animal Clinic: 011 744 4668
• Dalvet Animal Clinic: 011 740 5441
• St Francis Animal Clinic: 011 915 5613
• Park Veterinary Hospital: 011 893 2117
• Northmead Veterinary Clinic (24-hour service): 065 538 0397
• Alberton Animal Clinic (24-hour service): 011 869 7258
• Kempton Park Animal Hospital (24-hour service): 011 391 1146

If you cannot afford the services of a veterinarian, contact the Brakpan SPCA for assistance.

Dial 011 742 2007 or 083 696 9052 (after hours).

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