Frustrations abound!

Why is it that when it comes to service delivery its like we take one step forward and five steps back?

My frustration meter has been peaking off the charts of late as the decline in our areas is once again squarely on the radar. Water leaks that take forever to be repaired and once they are the crater left behind by the necessary excavations stay there like a monument to ineptitude.
Why can we not start and finish a job? Why is it always half done?
Contactors cutting trees in Mayberry park, yay for that but then they leave the branches on the pavement for over a week. And then the calls start and the sms’s and the e-mails all written in capital letters to signify the disdain of the community.

Why do I have to remind the council and beg them to finish what they have started? It is not rocket science rather common sense that should dictate our actions. But alas it is not to be and it is the councilors who have to stand, hat in hand and explain to a rightfully irate community why simple logic is all but missing.
And we have our streetlights, which seem to be a choice of on or off but not on at night and off in the day; rather it is either on all day or off permanently. And after weeks of e-mails and phone calls to have certain areas repaired and seeing the joy on the faces of the community lit by illuminated street poles, a sense of calm falls across my brow. This of course is short lived and soon replaced by another round of e-mails and phone calls as the light lasted merely four nights. Months of back forward and back and forward for four whole nights of light, hardly seems worth the effort.

But before I can lament for long the next round of failures and issues crop up to absorb my time and energy and again I start going department to department all the while living in the hope that one day, just one day it will all come right and stay right, for at least longer than four days. I live in hope.

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