Six common shaving myths busted for good

Is it really true that shaving makes your hair grow back faster? This and other myths that have developed around shaving, are finally clarified and put to rest.

Shaving forms part of our basic grooming, and occasionally we wonder, or argue with friends, about the task and its effects.

For example, will shaving your legs remove your hard-earned tan? We take a close look at the fact and fiction surrounding shaving to clear it up once and for all:


  1. Fact or fiction? Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker and faster

Fiction! When you shave, you remove the hair on the surface of the skin which does not affect the hair’s colour or thickness. This is controlled by our genes, so blame your hairy ancestry.


  1. Fact or fiction? Shaving removes your tan

Fiction! Provided your tan is real. Tanning occurs in the body’s pigment cells, in the lower levels of the skin which razors cannot reach. It would be a bloody mess if they did. However, shaving may reduce the longevity of a fake tan which is applied on the surface of the skin. 


  1. Fact or fiction? A new razor causes nicks and cuts

Fiction! A sharp new razor is the best option for your shave. A used razor with a dull blade, requiring more pressure, is likely to tug on the skin, causing nicks. 

  1. Fact or fiction? You shouldn’t share your razor

Fact! Don’t share your razor. It is common to get cuts when shaving, and when you use someone else’s razor, you risk a spread of warts, fungal infections and staph bacteria. No argument here. 


  1. Fact or fiction? You should shave in the direction of hair growth

Fact! To avoid razor bumps and ingrown hair, shave in the direction of hair growth. This ensures a close shave without irritation. So, no need to pick at the ingrown hair with a pin. To help  relieve the dry, itchy skin associated with new hair growth and to help prevent razor bumps, ingrown hair and irritation, why not try our fave FINO Soothe MAN (R75.00) after every shave. 


  1. Fact or fiction? Soap works just as well as shaving cream

Fiction! Shaving creams, oils and gels are designed to moisturise and help your razor glide across your skin more easily. Soap is made to cleanse and dries out the skin. We love FINO MAN Beard Oil (R150.00) for a close shave and soft, nourished skin.

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