Thrilling racing for Youngtimers

Red Star Raceway provides an exhilarating and demanding race track, but the winter chill is hard to ignore in this somewhat remote location.

The Ben Morgenrood HRSA Classic Youngtimers series, inspired by the legendary SATCAR and Group N championships of the 1990s, pays homage to saloon car racing from that era. Spectators were treated to an exciting display of racing on June 10.

The newcomer, Andy Gossman secured second place on the grid, behind Jannie van Rooyen’s newly constructed Volkswagen Jetta. Rob Clark’s Mosport Containerforce Honda Ballade started in third on the grid.

The cold weather posed challenges for the tyres, leading Brian Luyt to spin his Mosport Honda Ballade SR4 multiple times as he struggled to generate sufficient heat. Mike O’Sullivan’s Mosport Ballade experienced some electrical issues.

In the penultimate lap of heat 1, Gossman pushed too hard coming out of turn 15, spinning onto the grass and allowing Clark to claim second place ahead of O’Sullivan. In heat 2, Gossman turned the tables on Clark at the starting lights by jumping ahead.

However, the race was far from over. Three laps before the finish, a cracked exhaust leaked fumes into O’Sullivan’s cockpit, causing considerable distress to the seasoned tin-top racer and slowing down his progress. Gossman, Clark, and Luyt seized the opportunity, overtaking O’Sullivan as they crossed the finish line in that order.

Ultimately, Gossman claimed the overall victory, with Clark, O’Sullivan, and fellow former Group N racer Luyt following behind. Luyt consistently improved his lap times throughout his comeback, gradually growing more acquainted with the circuit and his car.

An expanding grid of HRSA Classic Youngtimers will return to Red Star Raceway on July 5.

Source: MotorsportMedia / Photos: Paul Bedford


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