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Gift ideas for teachers

The quest to find the perfect present for your child’s teacher can be tough, but there are many items that will brighten a teacher’s day.

Perfectly personal
Elegant and simple, a monogrammed mug is a great gift for any educator and, as a bonus, you can pack it with tea, coffee or even a gift card. The monogram adds a personal touch, making it extra special to receive.

Magnificent magnets
Here is a little something that will remind teachers just how great they truly are. Customise a magnet with a special note and image, for a gift that can only come from you.

Thoughtful notes and student-made gifts
They take just a few minutes to write, but teachers treasure thoughtful notes from parents and students. Homemade gifts or gifts specially chosen by children are also treasured.

Books for the classroom
Pre-school teachers love getting new children’s books for their classroom. Buy your child’s favourite, and have them sign the inside cover. It’s nice if the book is one the teacher doesn’t already have, but if they do, no worries, multiple copies of favourite books are appreciated.

Flowers or potted plants
First of all, if you’re going to bring flowers, make sure they’re in a vase. And make sure the classroom has a place for them. Teachers’ desks get pretty crowded, and you don’t want an accidental spill. Potted plants are great if the teacher likes them.

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