Mall of the South #Holler against GBV, launches digital safe space for victims

The day was a great success, and Mall of the South is grateful for the increased awareness created for Gender-Based violence (GBV).

Mall of the South’s Women’s Day event this year incorporated the #Holler project, which was launched on Women’s Day 2022.

The focus was on education and rescue, as well as supporting the EPIC Foundation.

Tandi Potgieter acted as MC and various speakers spoke of their own experiences with GBV and how they have used their abuse to become pillars of strength in society.

Tandi Potgieter was the MC at the annual #Holler event.

Alta McMaster, one of the speakers and founder of the Epic Foundation, has endured several difficult life events, including being a rape survivor. Through her experience, she now has a profound grasp of society’s need to support survivors.

“We live in a society where an increasingly high number of South Africans are exposed to trauma, crime, unemployment, and other socio-economic challenges. GBV has become a pandemic that seems to be chipping away at the fabric of society. Our mission is to comfort, support and provide the tools to empower these individuals to move from victims to survivors.

“We can only do this with the support of our community. We thank Mall of the South for their valuable contribution, not just finances and donations, but collaborating with us to produce a tool available for those who need help and support,” said Alta.

Among the other speakers were Andile Gaelesiwe, Sarah Wissler, Sharon Gordon, Unaiza Suliman, Romanah Adam, Martin Pelders, and Cindy Furman.

The entertainment provided by Simply For Entertainment was excellent throughout the event, and all attendees enjoyed their performance.

Launching the #HollerSafeSpace platform

The brow queen, Unaiza Suliman, empowering the audience with her story of survival.

The event also saw the launch of the #HollerSafeSpace platform, which offers a secure portal for getting advice on what to do, where to go, and how to obtain treatment if you’re a victim of abuse.

The platform is a comprehensive online resource that provides valuable information for victims to educate themselves on what to do in their abusive situation, as well as for friends and family of victims to access services that can help them to assist their loved ones to leave the abusive environment safely.

The #HollerSafeSpace website can be accessed HERE.

The #Holler donation box overflowing with donations from the generous community and local businesses.

Sharing the website on social media platforms and with others in vulnerable circumstances is encouraged. A life may be saved. Businesses can include a link to the site on their websites by adding the custom code.

Mall of the South can be reached at to obtain the code.

A word of thanks

Romanah Adam, Clr Gen Durand, Sarah Wissler, Sharon Gordon, Martin Pelders, Tandi Potgieter, Alta McMaster and Hester Smith.

Hester Smith, mall manager of Mall at the South, expressed a heartfelt thank you to each person who bought a ticket to the event and to all the sponsors.

“This enabled the mall to make the donation of R10 000 to the Epic Foundation. Further donations of approximately R50 000 was made in the form of cleaning material, clothes, toys and other goods.

“A shout out to all our tenants, contractors, suppliers and community who have graciously assisted with supplies, donations, sponsorships and prizes. Without any of this the event would not have been the success it was,” she said.

“A total of R135 836 was received in sponsorship of the event and the total prize giveaway was R36 109.

Mall of the South donated R10 000 to Epic Foundation through the proceeds of ticket sales for the #Holler event. Seen here are Hester Smith, Tandi Potgieter, Alta McMaster and Itumeleng Boylane.

“Last but not least a huge thank you to each of the speakers who were brave enough to stand up and share the most intimate part of their lives and for taking us through their journey of survival.

“Without their input, this day would not have been possible, I salute you! Keep standing up for what is right and keep inspiring others to do the same.”

By educating and rescuing impacted individuals, the centre aims to improve the plight of GBV victims, by enabling those affected to leave safely and create long-lasting impact and tangible change.

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