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WATCH: Bereaved family pays their respects

After a tragic accident took the life of Charlette ‘Charlie’ Stols, her bereaved family led a heartwarming remembrance ceremony on November 4.

A week after a car accident took Charlette ‘Charlie’ Stols’ life, her loved ones gathered at the scene of the accident on 2nd Avenue, Alberton North, to pay their tributes.

This was after community members gathered to pay their last respects and honour her memory during a memorial service at Doxa Deo Meyersdal.

WATCH: Family and community members honour Charlette Stols’ life.

Charlette (25) died on the scene after losing control of her vehicle and hitting a ditch. She then collided with a taxi after failing to regain control.

The Diversity High School alumnus previously worked at Vodacom in Mall at Newmarket and had just started to work as a sales consultant at MTN Store – Mall Of The South.

She had recently been promoted to manager and was to start her managerial duties next month.

After giving her the memorial service she deserved, the family led a ceremony to say their last goodbyes by visiting the accident scene to find closure. There, her loved ones released balloons and put up a cross and flowers in her memory.

“We, as a family, thought we would gain a bit of closure after losing her on October 27. It just brought back bad memories and flashbacks of what happened that day. With us being there, knowing where she laid and where the car was, it brought it all back,” explained her sister, Claudette Stols.

She said being at the accident scene was heartbreaking and that despite their sorrow, they were thankful for their friends and family who supported them on the day.

“It brought a bit of comfort to us by having them join us on the day. After managing to do everything, we couldn’t wait to get away fast enough because it was unbearable for my parents. It wasn’t the closure we thought we would find; it was just a lot of heartbreak,” she said.

Claudette said they still cannot pass “that street” when going to some places in Alberton, adding, “It’s just an overwhelming feeling.”

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