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Netcare Mulbarton Hospital pampers senior patients with a day of luxury and care

Netcare Mulbarton Hospital goes beyond medical care, treating senior patients to a rejuvenating pamper day, filled with mini makeovers, massages, and more.

Netcare Mulbarton Hospital extended a touch of luxury and care to its senior women by organising a pamper day on August 24, adding a delightful and uplifting experience to their stay in the hospital.

Acknowledging the importance of catering to the diverse needs of patients, Netcare Mulbarton Hospital conceptualised a unique event that combined relaxation, indulgence, and a touch of glamour. Spearheading the initiative Razina Kader, the hospital general manager, shared her enthusiasm for creating a day of much-needed reprieve for their senior patients.

The hospital’s nursing management met with fervour the idea of having a day filled with pampering sessions. Collaborating across various departments, the hospital managed to curate a comprehensive pampering experience, complete with hair and beauty treatments.

Annie Mandrie, the nursing manager, expressed her delight in witnessing the senior patients revel in mini-manicures, pedicures, massages, hair styling, and even mini-makeovers.

Front: Lorraine Malunga (unit manager) and Salamina Oosthuizen. Back: Connie Mashakeni (occupational health and safety), Rabelani Mugari (technical electrician)

The response from the patients was a testament to the success of the initiative. The ladies indulged in a day of pampering, and could not help but radiate glamour and joy.

The hospital staff had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of such a thoughtful gesture.
Mandrie shared heartening feedback from the patients. They expressed their appreciation for the hospital’s effort to provide them with an experience beyond medical care.

The pampering session left an indelible impact, with one patient remarking it arrived at a pivotal moment to uplift her spirits. For another patient in the intensive care unit, the pampering session made her feel like a ‘million dollars’, offering a precious boost during her recovery journey.

Kader expressed her satisfaction with the event’s success and hinted at its potential continuation. The overwhelmingly positive response has inspired the hospital to consider making the senior pamper day a regular feature in their care offerings.

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