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Trinityhouse Glenvista students unite to fight hunger with Rise Against Hunger Africa

Trinityhouse Glenvista students rallied together to combat hunger, packing an impressive 17,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger Africa.

Trinityhouse Glenvista students dedicated their time to a noble cause, volunteering with Rise Against Hunger Africa on February 10 with a mission to combat hunger one meal at a time.

Natalia de Freitas, teacher from Trinityhouse Glenvista School, shared insights into the motivation behind the initiative.

De Freitas emphasized the students’ desire to make a tangible difference in their community, driven by a deep sense of empathy towards those facing food insecurity.

“This initiative was an opportunity for our students to grow and take part in a meaningful cause alongside their peers,” said De Freitas.

“Participating in such initiatives resonates deeply with the school’s ethos, promoting values of community service, social responsibility, and global citizenship.

“Engaging in activities addressing societal issues like hunger not only aligns with the school’s values but also fosters the development of well-rounded individuals poised to positively impact society.”

De Freitas said students expressed a profound sense of teamwork during the meal packing process.

Trinityhouse Glenvista students unite with Rise Against Hunger Africa to fight hunger.

The students packed 17 000 meal packs, a testament to their collective effort and dedication. To witness the impact of their efforts, they saw the meals packaged and ready to be distributed to those in need.

“The students’ realisation of the extent of hunger in South Africa was profound, especially learning that 50 000 bags could sustain 150 children for an entire year. Packing the food packets made them understand just how much hunger there is in South Africa alone.”

De Freitas believes that this volunteer activity will have a ripple effect, not only on the students involved but also on the wider community.

“It provides opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and a deeper understanding of social issues for the students. Their participation directly addresses hunger and food insecurity, potentially improving the lives of individuals and communities both locally and globally.”

“Looking ahead, we are committed to continue to support the Rise Against Hunger Africa.”

De Freitas expressed their intention to volunteer at future events regularly and to explore partnerships with other disadvantaged schools in the community.

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