Centurion’s Narcissi Madisha Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist and Entrepreneur

Narcissi Madisha, a semi-finalist in the prestigious Mrs South Africa competition, has a story that characterises perseverance and multifaceted success.

Based in Centurion, just north of Johannesburg, Madisha’s journey began in Limpopo, where her aspirations to become a beauty queen took root at a young age.

Growing up in an academically inclined household, with both parents being educators, Madisha was encouraged to focus on her studies.

“I was always pushed towards reading books and consuming educational content,” explains Madisha.

Despite this academic emphasis, her passion for beauty pageants was not entirely sidelined. She participated in several contests during her schooling years, which laid the foundation for her future in modelling.

Madisha’s most significant early achievement came during her matric year, when she won a notable beauty pageant despite facing fierce competition. This victory, followed by interviews and features in local Limpopo publications, fueled her desire to pursue modelling further.

For her tertiary education, Madisha chose to study fashion design. Although she faced initial challenges enrolling in the course, her determination led her to collaborate with a fellow student who excelled in the subject. This partnership not only helped her secure a place in the program but also sharpened her skills for the fashion industry.

From Limpopo to Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist and Entrepreneur. Photo Supplied.

Madisha’s career flourished as she worked with major companies like Edcon, Woolworths, and Massmart, gaining experience in fashion buying—a role that allowed her to travel extensively.

In 2012, she launched her own children’s clothing label, Kameo Kids, and even opened a store in Mall of Africa.

Although the physical store was short-lived due to the business’s growth phase, she successfully transitioned to an online model, which complemented her flourishing interest in education.

Reflecting on her roots, Madisha decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps and enter the field of education.

She enrolled in a foundation phase teaching program and recently graduated on May 17, 2024, at the top of her class. Now, she balances her career as a foundation phase educator in Johannesburg with her entrepreneurial endeavours and family responsibilities.

From Limpopo to Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist and Entrepreneur. Photo Supplied.

Currently, Madisha is focused on the Mrs South Africa competition, aiming to inspire others through her journey. She continues to grow Kameo Kids and contributes to the education sector, all while managing her family life.

“I am #EveryWoman because I share struggles, triumphs, and the joys and sorrows that unite women across the globe. I understand that in each of us lies boundless potential, strength, and resilience to overcome obstacles and shape our own destinies,” says Madisha.

Madisha’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, multifaceted ambition, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. As she prepares for the Mrs South Africa finals, her journey continues to inspire many, demonstrating that it is possible to wear multiple hats and succeed in all endeavours.

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