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McAusland Boxing announces new housing initiative

This move aims to address the stark realities many young boxers pursuing their hopes and dreams of successful boxing careers face.

McAusland Boxing management, under the leadership of licensed boxing manager Colleen McAusland, has announced a significant new initiative designed to support the development of professional boxers and champions by providing them with secure and functional housing during their training before big fights.

What the home offers

The new facility, located in Johannesburg south, offers a peaceful and quiet environment where boxers in camp can stay focused, drop weight and get enough rest away from the hustle and bustle and in-city distractions.

The interior of the house.

This kind of supportive housing solution is a welcome relief for many boxers who previously faced daunting challenges. Many of these athletes, originating from rural areas across provinces, have endured hardships such as inadequate housing and the inability to afford nutritious meals while training and managing weight cuts.

The vision and completion

The idea for the housing initiative stemmed from Colleen’s commitment to managing boxers’ careers and ensuring their well-being and stability.

Recognising that many talented boxers come from challenging backgrounds, the initiative was deemed a way to provide them with a stable and supportive environment to live and train.

This aligns with the gym’s mission to develop championship-level talent in SA.

“Providing a home for these boxers is crucial because it ensures they have the necessary support structures around them. It allows them to train effectively and rest adequately, essential for peak performance in professional boxing,” said Colleen.

This setup also fosters a sense of community and family among the boxers, integral to their mental and emotional health. The project, from concept to completion, took several months of planning and execution. This included securing funding, finding a suitable location, and renovating the facility to meet the specific needs of high-performance professional boxers.

The new housing initiative for the boxers is in Johannesburg south.

A combination of sponsorships, private individuals who donated and partnerships with local businesses sharing a commitment to sports development and community support made the project possible.

“We are grateful to RGM Cranes, Drivetrain TTS and some generous people in the community who have seen the value in the house,” said the boxing manager.


McAusland Boxing is proud of this initiative, viewing it as a cornerstone of its commitment to nurturing and developing talent.

It reflects the gym’s dedication to family values and integrity, providing more than just training but a holistic approach to developing its boxers.

Boxing manager Colleen McAusland and coach Khangelani Jack. Photo: Nick Lourens Photography

The boxers housed in the facility express gratitude and enthusiasm for the initiative.

Simangele Hadebe, reflecting on her experience at the McAusland Boxing Gym housing initiative, said: “Being in camp here at the facility has transformed my daily routine and outlook on training. Now, we all have a place where we can be motivated and stay focused after hard training sessions, which allows us to rest and recover in a way we couldn’t before. It’s more than just a house; it’s a home where teammates who are like family surround us.
“This support system motivates me daily to push harder and aim higher in my boxing career.”

The boxers often mention how a stable, supportive home has significantly impacted their training focus and personal growth. It gives them a sense of security and community, which they acknowledge as crucial to their development as professional athletes.

“I left the Eastern Cape to join the McAusland team in Gauteng because I believe in the vision and know we will change lives through boxing,” said boxing coach Khlangelani Jack, who won trainer of the year.

McAusland Boxing management’s commitment extends beyond housing. The initiative also encompasses overall well-being, including mental health support, career guidance, and financial literacy programmes, aiming to equip the boxers with the tools for success inside and outside the ring.

Half of the McAusland boxing team.

“It struck me deeply to see these dedicated athletes struggle to the point of near collapse while preparing for their fights. Knowing they had to run 23km to training because they couldn’t afford transportation and seeing them share basic equipment like boxing shoes and training gear, I knew I had to do something,” said Colleen, the heart and driving force behind this initiative.

“Their sacrifices should not include basic human needs. This project is about more than just boxing. It’s about giving these fighters a real chance to succeed,” she added.

This housing project is the next developmental step for the McAusland gym and marks a significant investment in the future of her boxers’ management.

For more information or if any individual or companies want to get involved with the housing programme, contact Colleen on 072 151 1194 or colleen.mcausland@gmail.com

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