Your driving style can influence your fuel burning rate

There is just no denying it, the constant fuel price hikes are a stressor. Here are some guidelines to keep you going for longer.

Those with the technical knowledge claim that to ensure your car is in a good condition, serviced and tuned for optimal performance, will save you on fuel.

This will certainly improve your vehicle’s fuel index, but only in combination with a mindful and cautious driving style.

“Techniques such as defensive driving, not speeding, anticipating traffic conditions, avoiding reckless driving and planning routes are the best way to get results. Introducing these hacks can potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%,” said Masterdrive’s CEO, Eugene Herbert.

Practicing the following can reduce your fuel usage:

  • Keep to the correct following distance
  • Keep to the prescribed speed limit
  • Reducing your speed by 20km/h can produce significant fuel savings
  • Ensure you service your car as per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Use traffic apps to plan your routes
  • Important: Keep your vehicle’s RPMs within the 3 000 range
  • Unnecessary weight will increase your fuel consumption
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly
  • Avoid fast aggressive pull-offs just to then suddenly slow down again.

Source: MotorPress 

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