Four knitwear styling tips to elevate your winter look

How to master the art of feeling cosy while looking très chic. 

It’s a timeless classic that perfectly combines comfort, warmth and luxury while being ultimately versatile and durable…knitwear – the winter wardrobe essential.

The secret to long-lasting knitwear is to invest in high-quality items that are made from real wool or cashmere. The next step is reading the care label properly to ensure you wash, dry and store these beauties as recommended. 

The other trick is knowing how to style the item to keep the look fresh and fabulous, so that you don’t look like you’ve borrowed granny’s jersey. To make sure your knitwear fashion moment is on trend, we’ve put together a shopping list of our fave, must-have knitwear items from WITCHERY, available at Woolworths, along with top styling tips to make sure you look your finest this winter: 

The trick is in the tuck: While we love a chunky jersey, it can sometimes be a bit bulky. The easiest way to streamline your look is with a simple tuck. Be it with jeans or a skirt, a quick tuck will do wonders to elevate and accentuate your figure. Complete your outfit by layering with a cute coat, cardigan and/or trendy scarf without looking too weighed down.

The Rib Knit Flare Skirt is versatile and easy to dress up or down.


Time for textures: Warm, comfortable, and at once striking – the rib knit is the hero of all knitwear and a classic you can’t go without. To accentuate its lush allure, pair it with bold and interesting textures like leather or felt in neutral tones. 



The Mock Neck Rib Dress is the perfect dress for any occasion


Get into the monochrome mood: Make no mistake, monochrome is a bold, fearless, and daring fashion statement, but it also does wonders in creating a uniform look while elongating the silhouette. Rather than simply relying on neutrals, why not try a primary or pastel colour? Nothing brings life to winter like a pop of colour!

The Boat Neck Rib Knit is available in neutrals and a striking fresh blue, should you want to spice things up a bit.


Make the details count: Who doesn’t love adding accessories or highlighting details to make your outfit unique and interesting? Opt for knitwear that showcases bold buttons, plunging necklines, and can be dressed up with gold and leather accessories.

The Button Through Rib Knit has a sexy neckline and the buttons create an elongated, slimming effect.

The content in this article is proudly supplied by Woolworths.

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