Busker Arthur Seeme ‘married’ to his violin

Arthur Seeme plays the soothing sounds of the violin for peoples enjoyment in Fourways – something he loves doing.

Arthur Seeme, affectionately known as Arthur Violin, has been mesmerizing audiences across the globe with the enchanting sounds and melodies produced by his violin.

He soothed even the ears of the rich and famous, leaving them craving for more. However, with his immense talent and success, Seeme now finds himself performing as a humble busker, spreading love and comfort to those bustling around Fourways in their daily routine — making him a beloved figure in the community.

Seeme believes that playing the violin is a calling for him.

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He said he fell in love with the musical instrument after he was called by a friend to go and audition for a talent showcase exhibition in his hometown, Taung, North West.

“I always loved the sound of a violin in the background when I listen to RnB and soul songs. But I didn’t know what it was until I saw it during the auditions.

Arthur Seeme with his favourite company – his violin.
Arthur Seeme with his favourite company – his violin.

“The province wanted to develop theatres in the province through a learnership programme. This is how I got to know that the musical instrument I loved to hear when listening to my favourite songs was a violin and the first time I held it I felt inner peace. I was so excited that this small instrument can be so powerful and healing.”

He said what he loves about the sound of a violin is the healing power it possesses, as it can deeply affect a person. Whenever he plays, it helps him unlock his memories. He also mentioned that he loves the violin because it provides for him, and they are always together, travelling everywhere as one unit.

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Seeme decided to become a busker in Fourways to exemplify to the African child that it is possible to be a violin busker. Although he used to play in various orchestras, he said he saw himself more as a teacher than a performer, which led him to pursue a solo career.

“I don’t like playing other people’s songs. I prefer composing my own and I am so glad that my decision has paid off. I am now a welcoming guest performance at various events and people are warming up to my music. Being solo allows me to take charge of my creativity; I can tell my own stories.”

Seeme is not only a busker but also possesses a creative flair for writing. He has already authored two books, of which he says he is waiting for a perfect time to publish them.

“I am still cooking and waiting for the perfect timing for me to publish the books and release the other creative work that I have done. For now, I am focused on being a busker to inspire other composers that it is possible to even do it with a violin. I get invited to birthday celebrations, weddings, and many other functions. I am available for bookings via email: artmoraic20@gmail.com.”

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