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Rescued owl finds a new home

Owlproject.org successfully places an injured owl in a release pen.

On June 24, a female spotted eagle owl was successfully placed in a release pen at Dainfern Residential and Golf Estate by Owlproject.org

The owl was rescued and taken to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital in Midrand.

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Spotted eagle owl (bubo africanus).
Spotted eagle owl (bubo africanus).

“The owl has suffered injuries from a gunshot that resulted in a damaged wing. Thanks to the dedicated care provided by the veterinary team, the owl has made a remarkable recovery and is now ready to be reintroduced to the wild,” said Sara Orchardson, spokesperson for owlproject.org, a non-profit organisation (NPO).

The NPO is dedicated to owl conservation through education that protects and creates owl-friendly living environments.
Orchadson said they were pleased that they were able to place the female spotted eagle owl (bubo africanus).

Sara Orchardson.

“We are delighted to welcome this beautiful spotted eagle owl to Dainfern Estate; she will be housed in a specially designed release pen where volunteers from the estate will ensure she receives daily care and feeding.

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”The owl will remain in the release pen for a period of 21 days, allowing her to acclimate to her new environment and regain her strength before being released back into the wild.”

Beatrix Philips, David Wimberly and Sara Orchardson.
Beatrix Philips, David Wimberly and Sara Orchardson.

Orchardson also thanked the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital for their expertise and dedication in rehabilitating injured wildlife, as well as Dainfern Residential and Golf Estate for their ongoing support of local wildlife initiatives.

For more information about owlproject.org and their conservation efforts, please visit www.owlproject.org

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