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Husky rescues get to run wild

BRYANSTON - Bryanston resident, Ian Jones, was one of many members of Sled Dogs Unlimited who arrived at Waterhaven Country Estate in July to enjoy a day on the track with rescued Siberian Huskies.

“While incredibly well-looked after at the Husky Haven, Siberian Huskies were bred to run – and a trip to the track to do just that was the trip of a lifetime for many of these beautiful dogs,” said Nikki Pretorius, Sled Dogs Unlimited chairperson.

She said the dogs were hooked up to mountain bikes and allowed to run as fast or as slow as their bodies or fitness levels allowed.

“Members of Sled Dogs Unlimited all have working dogs of their own. They understand the breed and many of them volunteer their time and resources to assisting Husky Rescue with the fantastic work that they do with the dogs,” said Pretorius.

Jones added, “I adopted a rescue from Husky Rescue South Africa and working with a Siberian Husky is such a rewarding experience. Seeing so many rescues from all sorts of backgrounds benefiting from exercise – like dryland sledding – was incredibly fulfilling. I can only hope that once these dogs find their forever homes, their owners continue to exercise them. Dryland sledding is great fun and a wonderful way to bond with your dog.”

Pretorius said that introducing these dogs to the recreational sport of dryland sledding as a form of exercise was an incredibly rewarding experience. “The collaboration between a rescue organisation and a recreational dog club, who both understand the very specific needs of a breed, is a very important step for animal welfare in this country,” she said.

Details: www.huskyrescue.co.za

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