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Gekco invites public to information session

KYALAMI - This year has been a time of change for the Greater Kyalami Conservancy, known as Gekco, and many of the resident associations in the area.

Gekco committee and residents associations in the area invite the community to a public information session to find out what changes are taking place and learn about the proposal to join forces as one united residents association to represent the entire Greater Kyalami Conservancy area.

The meeting will take place at Beaulieu College Pavillion on 14 August from 6.30pm to 8pm.

The Kyalami Green Neighbourhood is a result of many meetings and discussions to find a better way to co-operate and represent the property owners and residents who call this area home. Security threats, development pressures, municipal rates and environmental issues affect us all. Issues such as the proposed K56, industrial park and shopping centres would change the nature and viability of the conservancy as well as the equestrian community and industry. We believe that when we stand together we are stronger and that through

co-operation we can find solutions to the problems we face.

The meeting will enlighten the community on the Sector 4 Crime Forum, allow for discussions with resident association committees and hear about meetings that have been held with various city departments to discuss future development planning within the area. Find out about the Green Neighbourhood Project which has been designed to preserve the open space and biodiversity to meet climate change and food security goals.

Gekco is working on a biodiversity project to better understand the ecology in the area and to map species and wildlife corridors and is inviting residents to assist. Gekco is also engaging with our neighbours and partnering with the Diepsloot Buyback Centre, a community recycling co-operative. We have an opportunity to create a better community – cleaner, more secure and sustainable – and by working together we will achieve it.

Gekco chairperson Kristin Kallesen said, “Please take the time to attend this not to be missed meeting as it is the start of an exciting new direction for Kyalami.”

Details: www.gekco.co.za

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