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Domestics learn to trust at crime watch

SUN VALLEY- Bonnie Friedman of the Sun Valley Making A Difference campaign, a Domestic Watch forum, held a seminar at the La Fiorentina restaurant in Sun Valley.

The Domestic Watch operates on the basis that domestic workers and gardeners know what is happening in their suburbs, and can work as the eyes and ears of the community to prevent crime. This topic of this month’s meeting was ‘trust’.

According to Friedman, the police are effective in following up tip-offs from the community, but people are often afraid to come forward with what they know. This is why building trust among the community is vital.

“If we have good relationships with our neighbours, our domestic staff and the security officials in the area, when situations do arise it can be dealt with efficiently,” she said.

Friedman raised the importance of sharing contact details within the community and referred to a recent case where domestic worker Selina Tshona assisted in a ‘bike jacking‘. Tshona was able to call the homeowner and played a vital role in saving the victims life, said Friedman.

She added that the forum had also developed an anonymous SMS line where residents could send tip offs of any suspicious activities in the area.

Friedman stressed that crime would always exist but prevention was the key, and by educating ourselves we can reduce it.

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ALL EARS: The monthly meetings allows key members of the community to gather and discuss issues found in the area.

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