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Fast food giant dispels rumours with ‘Know our Food’ campaign

JOBURG - FOLLOWING unsavoury stories of customers finding bugs and frogs in their McDonald’s meals, the fast food giant finally addressed these concerns at the launch of their ‘Know our Food’ campaign.


The campaign saw the company open their doors to the public and unveil their new interactive website; designed specifically to address questions from customers about its products.

Daniel Padiachy, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s South Africa, explained that the concept was designed as a way to maintain transparency on how the products are made.

“The ‘Know our Food’ campaign is a platform to address the three-fold question of what’s in our food, where does it come from and how it is prepared,” he said.

He added that it was the company’s way of being committed to openness and transparency, something the fast food chain is doing at their various outlets around the world.

Also present at the launch was Sechaba Motsieloa, corporate affairs director of McDonald’s South Africa, who addressed concerns over customers’ complaints of finding bugs in the food.

Motsieloa admitted that mistakes happen, but added that such complaints were hardly a reflection of the fast food giant and the quality of the products served.

“We do look into such complaints and try to ensure that our staff is trained to allow us to close the gap on such incidents,” he said.

The ‘Know Our Food’ programme launch took place on 7 May, with the Google voice search function set to be active from 15 May.

Details: www.mcdonalds.co.za/KnowOurFood

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