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Residents get their hands dirty to clean up litter

Residents from all over came out to support the initiative.

Members of the Lonehill community and surrounding areas joined hands in a clean-up initiative on June 3.

Thato Kgaphola helps to clean up. Photo: Angela Trzeciak

Locals pulled up their sleeves on a warm winter’s day and got their hands dirty, picking up litter at the corner of Lonehill Boulevard and Main Road.

Lovemore Robson of Live Life Always picks up litter. Photo: Angela Trzeciak

Samantha Smith of O-Yes Properties organised the clean-up with the help of Live Life Always organisation co-founder Lovemore Robson and the support of a few local businesses.

Nkosi Vundla cleans up. Photo: Angela Trzeciak

“I just decided you know what, let’s just jump in and get our hands dirty, it’s a great way to get the community together and to get to know each other. I partnered up with Live Life Always,” said Smith.

Samantha Smith is hard at work on the side of the road. Photo: Angela Trzeciak

She added they would definitely be having more of these clean-ups in the future. “I personally enjoy engaging with the community and I would prefer to do this every month.”

Malcolm Larsen works hard at the clean-up. Photo: Angela Trzeciak

Nkosi Vundla, one of the volunteers said, “I don’t really go out during the weekend so I come and help out. I love nature so this has become a hobby for me.”

Jane Makhura with bags full of litter that was collected alongside the road. Photo: Angela Trzeciak

At the end of the day, the dedicated team had collected dozens of garbage bags filled with litter.

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