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Learners’ production leaves audiences spellbound

Dainfern College High School recently staged its major production for the year, Little Shop of Horrors.

Dainfern College High School recently put on an electrifying show that left everyone spellbound. The musical production, Little Shop of Horrors showcased the exceptional talents of the cast and crew, as they brought to life the darkly comedic tale of a hapless florist shop worker who nurtures a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh.

The learners’ performances were spectacular according to the media and communications officer of the school, Chevaun Barker. She said the production was a mixture of singing and dancing, which demonstrated not only the learners’ artistic abilities but also their hard work in bringing the characters and the story to life.

Thandolwandiswe Komo and Ross du Plessis.
Thandolwandiswe Komo and Ross du Plessis.

The head of dramatic arts at Dainfern College, Kelsey-Lynn Oosthuizen, who directed the production said, “The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the cast created an engaging and immersive experience for the audience, highlighting Dainfern College’s commitment to excellence in performing arts.”

Oosthuizen paid tribute to the staff members, Claudia Martin, Almighty Mabunda, and Jacob Mekgwe, for bringing her set design to fruition. She said the set’s realistic appearance and functionality added a captivating element to the performances.

Ross du Plessis on stage.
Ross du Plessis on stage.

Props were used to enhance the production including various puppets to portray the growth of ‘Audrey II’, the carnivorous plant that is no stranger to causing havoc.

Barker said, “The puppets are a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Greg King at Kickstart Theatre in Durban, who created them for the national tour of this production in 2015/2016.

“The show was a success and showcased the exceptional talent and hard work of the school’s students and staff. From the exhilarating performances of the cast to the imaginative and technically impressive props, the production not only provided an entertaining and memorable experience for the audience but also highlighted the importance of the arts in education, encouraging creativity, collaboration and excellence among Dainfern College’s students.

Mandisa Phakane, Nokunqoba Moyo, and Maria Mansano Comar.
Mandisa Phakane, Nokunqoba Moyo, and Maria Mansano Comar.

“This production will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of experiencing it, and it sets a high bar for future performances at the school.”

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