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Kelly takes padel coaching to the next level

Kelly Rogers from Jozi Padel brings fun to Fourways through this social sport as they celebrate their first anniversary.

Kelly Rogers has emerged as a reliable padel coach for beginners and advanced players alike. With her expertise and experience, she promises to cater to the specific needs of each individual, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Rogers said she received her padel coach certificate through PadelMBA. She is also one of the Junior managers at Jozi Padel, the facility that she joined at The Golf Place and The Local Kitchen in Magaliessig.

She is qualified to coach children as well as adults. She said she started as a tennis player before she switched to padel coaching.

“I love the fact that is a very social game. It does not have as much technique as tennis. It is an easy sport as well when it comes to your body. I fell in love with it after a friend introduced me to it through a game we watched.”

Kelly Rogers will not look back after finding her new niche.
Kelly Rogers will not look back after finding her new niche.

She said people who join Jozi Padel get to play two hours of a social game every Sunday.

“It is usually in an Americano format. We have a happy hour for the full two hours so the players like having a drink or two when they take breaks. This is excellent for new players that are still getting into it and don’t know a lot of people yet so they are looking for playing partners.”

This long weekend was no different, Rogers hosted a kid’s clinic for them to have fun.

Kelly Rogers is in her element.
Kelly Rogers is in her element.

She added, “Even if you have not played a ball sport ever, it is so easy to play. It is also a sport for all ages. What makes it so unique is that it is a mix of tennis and squash and is very social.”

Rogers has reached great milestones since Jozi Padel opened its doors.

“We are coming up to our one-year anniversary in April and are having lots of children’s training sessions for them to make friends and learn how to play padel.”

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