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Kayden rewarded with a badge of honour

Crawford International Lonehill Grade 12 learner Kayden Eckert was recently rewarded the prestigious Springbok Scout badge.

Kayden Eckert, a Grade 12 learner at Crawford International Lonehill, has achieved a remarkable feat by earning the Springbok Scout badge, which is considered the ultimate accolade for a young member of the Scout Movement, a global youth movement that builds friendships, experiences, and skills for life, shaping young people’s futures as active citizens.

This achievement is recognised not only as National Colours in Scouting but holds the equivalent status to its international counterparts such as the King Scout Award from England and the Eagle Scout Award from America.

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Springbok Scouts are an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional perseverance, determination, and unwavering commitment to the Scout Movement. Scouting challenges its members to experience fun, friendship and everyday adventure in an outdoor setting, helping them reach their full leadership potential all while having a positive impact on society.

On his journey to accomplish this award, Eckert had to persevere and complete a number of tasks and challenges as well as planning, organising and leading a team of scouts in completing a number of special projects.

The three major projects included firstly, a 40-hour community service project. This community service project was focused on uplifting a local bird sanctuary where he constructed and installed some basic infrastructure such as tables and chairs as well as removing alien invasive species.

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Secondly, he had to plan and complete a three-day expedition of at least 30km together with a hike party of at least three other scouts in the Magoebaskloof and this challenge centered around navigation, endurance and perseverance.

His last major project focused on one of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals – zero hunger as well as teaching the skills of sustainable food gardening.

The produce generated by this project was all donated to a local soup kitchen which helps to bridge the gap of poverty in our community.

The school’s client experience officer Robyn Swanepoel said, “Even though there was a lot of hard work involved, his Springbok journey has taught him an array of new life skills. This award not only signifies the completion of the requirements, but also a commitment to embodying the values of scouting in one’s daily life. We are incredibly proud of Kayden and his scouting journey.”

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