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Rugby team clinch golden title

Rugby team from Broadacres Academy has impressed their school community with winning results.

Broadacres Academy’s U15 rugby team has clinched the league title. The team was playing for the Rugby Warriors League title after an outstanding performance in the finals recently.

The team began their journey with a decisive victory over Waterstone in the quarter-finals. Demonstrating their skill and determination, they proceeded to the semi-finals, where they faced Krugersdorp and emerged victorious once again.

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The Broadacres Academy rugby team.
The Broadacres Academy rugby team.

In the highly anticipated final match, Broadacres Academy squared off against Maranata. The team delivered a stellar performance, shutting out their opponents with a commanding 17–0 win.

This triumph secured them the U15 cup for the league, marking a memorable achievement in the academy’s sporting history.

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Riyadn Appelgriyn, Ethan Miles, and Brogue Theologo.
Riyadn Appelgriyn, Ethan Miles, and Brogue Theologo.

Coach Garrith Lynch has praised their hard work and dedication throughout the season. “The boys have shown remarkable perseverance and teamwork. Each match brought out the best in them, and their commitment has truly paid off.”

The victory has been celebrated enthusiastically by learners, staff, and parents alike, highlighting the strong community spirit at Broadacres Academy.

Ziad Dlungwana and Kyra Algeo are on the field playing.
Ziad Dlungwana and Kyra Algeo are on the field playing.

“This win not only showcases the team’s athletic prowess but also sets a high standard for future competitions. Broadacres Academy is proud of its U15 rugby team’s accomplishments and looks forward to continued success in the years to come.”

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