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AFS leads in cleaning up Mulbarton Circle intersection

Ward Councillor David Foley and the City of Joburg Augmented Field Services (AFS) members joined forces to remove hazardous waste and promote road safety.

The City of Johannesburg’s Augmented Field Services (AFS) team and councillor David Foley from Ward 94 have joined forces to clean up the Mulbarton Circle intersection.

The campaign is aimed to remove the pollutants and restore the area to its former state.

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Mulbarton Circle intersection.
Mulbarton Circle intersection.

Foley said, before the clean-up, there were a lot of stones and slits which were caused by Johannesburg Water when they opened a scour valve to release pressure, causing sand and stones to flood the roads, making them slippery.

“Besides posing a pollution threat to the community, the debris also posed a significant risk to motorists, particularly during sudden braking or cornering. The loose stones and sand could cause vehicles to lose traction, leading to accidents.”

To address this issue, AFS members partnered with Foley and plan to conduct regular clean-up campaigns throughout the ward. “We will be targeting areas where attention is required, and we urge all residents to join us in this effort,” explained Foley.

Ward Councilor David Foley
Ward Councilor David Foley

“We are committed to keeping our community clean and safe, and the Mulbarton Circle intersection is a critical area that needs attention,” added Foley assuring to target all areas around his ward.

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Foley also highlighted the importance of adhering to by-laws and regulations regarding political posters.

“Political parties are responsible for removing their posters; political posters have a time frame and have to be removed within the required time frame which is 14 days after the elections. It is illegal for residents to remove them without JMPD’s permission. ”

Lekoko Tjebane, deputy director of AFS in Region A said, “Our main goal is to promote cleanliness. We do these clean-ups all around Region A. We clean the roads, cut grass, remove dirty sewage, pick up litter, and remove illegal posters to promote road safety and cleanliness.”

Members of the City of Joburg Augmented Field Services clean Mulbarton Circle intersection.
Members of the City of Joburg Augmented Field Services clean Mulbarton Circle intersection.

Residents are encouraged to report any illegal postings to the JMPD as the postings are also a big issue that contribute to littering the city.

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