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Supstrumental drops a new beat

Masupa None releases a new hit and reflects on his musical journey.

Music has always been a source of comfort and healing for Masupa None popularly known as Supstrumental.

He has recently released a single Light and Shadow, an instrumental that is both emotional and aggressive, as he describes it.

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None resides in Lonehill and is an Afro-house producer. He said he fell in love with the popular music genre because it gave him the freedom to be in control of the stories he wanted to tell as an artist.

“I always had my headphones on. I could not live without them and they were involved in whatever I did, that is how I discovered my love for music. So when Sun-El Musician released his album in 2018, it was so good that I was able to recall my dreams of making music. I started with hip-hop because it was a thing at the time but I had a thing for house music.

Sups holding the mixer which has made his dreams a reality
Sups holding the mixer which has made his dreams a reality

He added he had his sound techniques. “I always use the same instruments but make sure that I blend them with my style and different beats. I am glad that at home, people are receiving it well. It is only my parents who are struggling to accept that I want to pursue music. I understand because they were taught that school is the only way in life. My mom is an accountant, so you can imagine.”

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However, he said his parents were slowly warming to his decision after realising how passionate and talented he was.

“My mom suggested that I study sound engineering and I said no, I do not need to go to school for it. What I need is to focus, keep a sober mind, and give myself time. A lot of local artists also inspired me, so I am self-taught.”

None said he was mostly booked for gigs and very busy in Limpopo.

“I do it because I want to heal people’s hearts, I love adding to their joy and seeing them dance. So the song I have recently released is exactly doing that. Unlike writing lyrics in which you use your voice to narrate your story and feelings, it is quite the opposite with an instrumental because it takes you through different kinds of feelings.”

The song can be streamed on all music streaming platforms.

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