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Tiamara is on a mission to end period poverty

Blessing Lives non-profit organisation prepares to host its annual Idle Drive 2 Unite Sanitary Pad Drive.

At just 16 years old, Tiamara Andrew is a passionate advocate for ending period poverty through her non-profit organisation Blessing Lives. She is excited to announce her second annual Idle Drive 2 Unite Sanitary Pad Drive, on June 23.

This year, Tiamara’s goal is not only to provide sanitary pads but also to educate learners about menstrual hygiene. “I believe that every girl deserves dignity and access to menstrual hygiene products, and that education is key to empowering them with knowledge for a healthier future,” she said.

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The drive is moving to the Montecasino events area to accommodate more participants and vehicles, and to create more awareness and an engaging experience. “Educational sessions by gynecologists will also be featured to ensure the girls have a better understanding of menstrual hygiene.”

Tiamara Andrew
Tiamara Andrew

Last year, the Idle Drive 2 Unite charity initiative collected over 6 000 sanitary pads for girls from schools in previously disadvantaged areas. This year, Tiamara hopes to exceed that target and make an even bigger impact in the community.

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“Community members can donate sanitary pads on June 23, at the Montecasino events area from 11:00 to 15:00.”
The organisation also accepts monetary donations.

Funds primarily come from donations and sponsorships from organisations and the community who share Tiamara’s vision of ending period poverty. “We also work closely with the Department of Education to identify and select beneficiaries, ensuring that the pads reach those who are most in need.”

Tiamara feels hopeful and happy to be continuing this initiative for a second time. “Seeing the impact we made last year – the gratitude from the learners motivates me even more to make an even bigger difference this year.”
To get involved, please contact 061 448 5524 or email tiamara@blessinglivessa.org

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