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Valbonne College learners end first term with a bang

Valbonne College Lonehill learners had fun closing the first term of their academic year.

The learners at Valbonne College Lonehill had a blast during their end-of-term activities.
Leanne Griffiths, the co-founder of the school said, “The grades were exposed to a combination of science experiments, baking, pizza eating and games to end the term.

Teacher Candice Nareen.
Teacher Candice Nareen.

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We always like to celebrate the end of the term with a bang. Our pupils and staff worked hard and there is no better way than a little celebrating on the last day of the term. Baking is always a hit. Learning how to flip those pancakes in the air is a skill some of us needed to learn.”

She added it was an absolute joy for her to witness the learners relish in such fun-filled and engaging experiences as they wrapped up the term. She said the term was incredible, and the learners worked hard and played hard.

Bokang Makwana, Sage Orwin, Gabriella Dunpall, and Jake Dewet.
Bokang Makwana, Sage Orwin, Gabriella Dunpall, and Jake Dewet.

“Our Valbonne College school family even grew. We welcomed two new Grade 1 classes and many other pupils across the grades.”
She added she was very impressed with the academic accomplishments of the learners, which were nothing short of outstanding. She highlighted the Grade 7 learners had started receiving bursary letters for their desired future high schools.

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Boikokobetso Mogashoa and Sisipho Makhabane.
Boikokobetso Mogashoa and Sisipho Makhabane.

She said this was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the learners as well as the quality of education provided by the school.
Griffiths said what made her love the school community even more was the fact that they were one big family.

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